Cannabis oil for Epilepsy

Physicians have documented the efficacy of artisanal whole plant cannabis preparations for seizure reduction. In a study of 272 patients, 86% had some degree of seizure reduction while using artisanal cannabis. A combination of cannabinoids and terpenes – not just CBD – may be most effective for seizures. These clinical findings challenge Big Pharma assumptions that favor single-molecule medications.

Legalize Cannabis

Working in federally regulated industry Industry and college trained Building and designing Contributing to society Raising my family Paying my bills Government takes my job Suffocates me due to my disability Epilepsy Federal contracts Kill my income Federal laws ruin lives Federal laws do not heal Cannabis heals

Seizures and Cannabis

I suffered a head Injury and I was in a coma for 10 days, in the hospital for 42 days, and then months of therapy. Once out of the comatose state, doctors informed me, I have epilepsy. Well, what does one do once they are informed of having epilepsy? My mind does not feel any […]

Legalize and End SUDEP

Watch me die Watch me die I cannot see I cannot hear I cannot feel Help me …………………………… Do you understand Do you see my pain Strangled by the government Left me to turn blue My heart has stopped Watch me die One more time ………………………… Face burns on the Phoenix blacktop No one will […]

Seizure Suffication: SUDEP

I have had many grand mal seizures also known as tonic-clonic seizures prior to the use of Cannabis. Many people battling seizures have a seizure and stop breathing. Also, the heart may stop beating during a seizure. At this point, I am in the thralls of the seizure and how the seizure ends is unknown. […]

CBN Cannabinol

I have been reading about CBN. This may be the next cannabinoid to make a splash in the market. CBN benefits sleep. CBN helps the mind turn down the noise of the day and enables the mind to heal through sleep. Many individuals suffer from lack of sleep and this contributes to a reduced amount […]

Blue and Red both suffer from Epilepsy

I imagine people with epilepsy and people with friends or family members with epilepsy come in both colors of blue and red. However, I do not understand why red politics does not support cannabis for epilepsy. The current government seems to be ok with medical cannabis, but the science has not been given the green […]

Cannabis vs. VNS/RNS

Cannabis has nearly eliminated seizure activity in my life. I no longer have auras and I have reduced my seizures from the pace of one every thirty days to one in the past 14 years now. My success is because of the cannabis plant. I have visited the neurologist, had multiple Electroencephalograms (EEG) and taken […]

Cost to obtain access to Cannabis

What does the average family pay out in fees to become legally able to gain access cannabis in order to treat epilepsy? The patient under the age of eighteen will incur a state license fee of $150.00, doctor fee of $150.00, and the caregiver fee of $200.00. A family pays out $500.00 to have access […]