Parents and Children with Seizures

I met a father last week with a daughter facing epilepsy. She is three years of age and has seizures. She takes medicine for the seizures, but the medicine does not relieve her seizures and the medicine is dissolving her teeth. My post today does not relay the stress faced by this dad.

Dad is stressed and mom has quit her job to take care their little girl. Doctors have been unable to provide a solution and the insurance companies are of no use. I can only imagine the enormous challenge the parents carry every day. The little girl is not eating and lack of appetite is stunting her growth. Also, as you know children with uncontrolled epilepsy do not grow with their peers academically either.

What is a dad to do? He is afraid for his child and afraid for this family if he obtains CBD for his child. I recommended Charlotte’s Web oil to start. Parents need a better option to treat their children with CBD and the CBD industry needs to produce products with higher quality, consistency, and purity. In addition, CBD manufactures need to expand the variety of cannabinoids extracted from the plants to meet the needs of all suffering with seizures.

You can help by sharing your support for epilepsy and changing the laws to provide increased access to cannabis, science, and research to develop better medicine.

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