Access to Cannabis

Cannabis has the potential to come in many forms. Additionally, cannabis has the ability to be broken down into individual cannabinoids for medicinal use. Today, the public does not have access to pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. The public has access to flower, basic edibles, and tinctures. Epileptics needs access to all of the cannabinoids in the purest form and in different ratios blended to maximize the strength of the medicine and also engineered for the specific seizure activity.  

The time has come for the government to change the laws on cannabis in order to enable the science and manufacturing of cannabinoid medicine to become common place in our lifestyles and business culture.

Over thirteen years ago I was having a burst of seizures every thirty days. This pattern took place over a seven year period in my life. I discovered cannabis and have reduced seizure activity to a single seizure over a thirteen year period.

General tinctures found in the stores today are a start in the right direction.  Cannabis has a tremendous underpinning of support to help solve seizure activity in the minds of our children and adults. 

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