An Update on the Story that Brought CBD to the World – Charlotte Figi Today

I just want to bring this to the forefront of everyone’s minds as this new wave of legalization has swept across our country. This is a walk through of an old story. One that is five years old to be exact. About a little girl who brought CBD oil to the front of the cannabis scene. This is an update on Charlotte Figi today.

It is about a little girl who at age five took the country by storm. She has a serious sickness called Drevat syndrome. It is a form of early onset, uncontrollable seizures. Her name is Charlotte.

Charlotte Figi has an amazing tale. It starts as a baby and being diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy. I could not imagine as a parent having a child that has grand mal seizures often.

Grand Mal seizures are the ones where someone will fall and start convulsing without warning.

This little girl faced these seizures every day. By the time she was three she was having hundreds of seizures a month. It was not unheard of for Charlotte to have over a thousand seizures in a month’s time. Remember at this time she was three.
It took her another two years to find something would work. CBD oil.

The oil changes this little girls life. For her mom it is a miracle. This next video is three years later. Charlotte is eight. Listen to what her mom says about her progress now.

Since the last video news has only been good. Charlotte is now 10! She is going in the third grade and only having a continued up trend in her illness. Paige Figi is so sure that this treatment can help so many that she is helping lawmakers push legislation to make hemp and CBD oil legal in all 50 states.

I only have a few questions for you in this post. Please leave your opinions and answers in the comments below.

Why have we let our government decide what is best for our children for so long?

Who do you know with seizures, tremors, or just anxiety? How many drugs and side effects would you be willing to watch them go through before you tried this simple hemp extract?

What if one of those drugs happened to kill your loved one? What would you do if you knew there was something out there that could help save those lives lost? Take the time and do your own research. Decide for yourself.

This will be the first of many posts about success with both hemp and marijuana oils, and other ways of using this Medicine.

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