I know a girl just like Charlotte Figi

This litter girl suffered from seizures also and like most people faced with seizures she was taking medications to control her seizures, but control was never granted. Also, like most people facing uncontrolled seizures, she did not have access to Cannabis.

Many people are not aware of their triggers and cannot predict their seizures. This young girl I know did not know what her seizure triggers were. Many of us do not know what triggers our seizures and we are at the mercy of the disorder each day.

The longer we go without a seizure can make us feel like we are cured, but seizures may never go away forever. However, the use of Cannabis will reduce the amount of seizure activity and also has the potential to save the life of any one of us with seizures. Again, I was able to go 13 years without a seizure due to the use of Cannabis.

The little girl I know was not as lucky.

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