Cannabis vs. VNS/RNS

Cannabis has nearly eliminated seizure activity in my life. I no longer have auras and I have reduced my seizures from the pace of one every thirty days to one in the past 14 years now. My success is because of the cannabis plant.

I have visited the neurologist, had multiple Electroencephalograms (EEG) and taken many of the medications prescribed for epilepsy. However, nothing worked. I suffered a head injury and for ten years my life was plagued with seizures. In spite of the testing, support groups, and medication cocktails, I was chasing a solution neither I or the doctors could see.

I am more than aware of what the challenges are when facing seizures. Also, I am fully experienced with the depression, frustrations, emergency room visits, injuries, rug burns, turning blue during the seizure, out of body sensations, and piecing back together my memory after a seizure. I have had seizures in my sleep, on the job site, in the waiting room of the doctors office, sitting in a chair at work, on a fishing boat, and the list goes on.

Work is the last place I want to expose my epilepsy. You may know the feeling of being watched by others after a seizure and seeing the disbelief and lack of understanding in their eyes.

We all struggle to find a way to reduce and eliminate seizures. I see marketing for the VNS and RNS as a solution for epilepsy. These two options may be a solution for some. Cannabis does not require any implants and may help your pursuit of a life free of seizures. Please reach out for assistance if you need help with controlling your seizures as cannabis has become a visible solution for epilepsy.

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