Seizure Suffication: SUDEP

I have had many grand mal seizures also known as tonic-clonic seizures prior to the use of Cannabis. Many people battling seizures have a seizure and stop breathing. Also, the heart may stop beating during a seizure. At this point, I am in the thralls of the seizure and how the seizure ends is unknown. I am turning blue, as my breathing has stopped. I am not aware of anything taking place around me. I cannot see, feel, or hear anything. What will the outcome be? Do I suffocate to death and die of SUDEP or do I come out of the seizure? At this point, my spirit has a choice to make. Does my spirit leave this world and I die of SUDEP or does my spirit restart my heart and breathing in order to live another day? Support laws to legalize Cannabis, every epileptic needs your support.

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