Seizures and Cannabis

I suffered a head Injury and I was in a coma for 10 days, in the hospital for 42 days, and then months of therapy. Once out of the comatose state, doctors informed me, I have epilepsy. Well, what does one do once they are informed of having epilepsy? My mind does not feel any different and I have no symptoms. So, I just want out of the hospital and hope my broken bones will heal and I will find a job.

I went about two years before a symptom surfaced. However, I did not know the feeling I had was a symptom. My mind did not succumb to the head injury, yet. I had an aura, but had no idea what it was. The aura did not last long and also did not result in a seizure. I did not understand the aura until the aura moved into a seizure.

Another year passes and I am having seizures every thirty days. I am at a loss on how to stop the seizures. I see multiple neurologists, take multiple tests, change my diet, attend epilepsy meetings, consume prescribed prescriptions and nothing works. Over the next four years, I have a seizure once every every 30 days.

I turned to cannabis to treat my seizures. I have had one seizure in sixteen years now and the rest is history.

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