Cannabis vs. VNS/RNS

Cannabis has nearly eliminated seizure activity in my life. I no longer have auras and I have reduced my seizures from the pace of one every thirty days to one in the past 14 years now. My success is because of the cannabis plant. I have visited the neurologist, had multiple Electroencephalograms (EEG) and taken […]

Cost to obtain access to Cannabis

What does the average family pay out in fees to become legally able to gain access cannabis in order to treat epilepsy? The patient under the age of eighteen will incur a state license fee of $150.00, doctor fee of $150.00, and the caregiver fee of $200.00. A family pays out $500.00 to have access […]

Legalize and Regulate to eliminate SUDEP

Most people with epilepsy live a full life span.  However, there are potential factors associated with living with epilepsy and seizures that may increase the risk of early death.  Although Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is not well understood,  it is suspected to sometimes be related to heart rhythm problems during a seizure. SUDEP […]

I know a girl just like Charlotte Figi

This litter girl suffered from seizures also and like most people faced with seizures she was taking medications to control her seizures, but control was never granted. Also, like most people facing uncontrolled seizures, she did not have access to Cannabis. Many people are not aware of their triggers and cannot predict their seizures. This […]

Epilepsy needs Cannabis

I often wonder why the Epilepsy world does not flock to cannabis. Full spectrum cannabis concentrates will and do reduce seizure activity. The seizure reduction leads to massive upside in the quality of life for the individual challenged with seizures. I went thirteen years without a seizure with the use of cannabis. If you have […]

Access to Cannabis

Cannabis has the potential to come in many forms. Additionally, cannabis has the ability to be broken down into individual cannabinoids for medicinal use. Today, the public does not have access to pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. The public has access to flower, basic edibles, and tinctures. Epileptics needs access to all of the cannabinoids in the […]

Parents and Children with Seizures

I met a father last week with a daughter facing epilepsy. She is three years of age and has seizures. She takes medicine for the seizures, but the medicine does not relieve her seizures and the medicine is dissolving her teeth. My post today does not relay the stress faced by this dad. Dad is […]